Strategy Planning is the roadmap to insightful communications.

In a nutshell, Strategy Planning provides the roadmap for a brand.
What to say, how to say it, to whom, and why.

Having Strategy Planning for your communications is the equivalent of having strong foundations for your house. It is the platform upon which all else sits.

Kevin uses methodology that examines the beliefs of internal stakeholders, the perceptions of consumers and the dynamics of the marketplace to build a clear competitive frame.
Conclusions are drawn and actions are evolved to address them.

It is a process that articulates key benefits and prioritises them, defines a strategic product positioning, establishes a tone of voice and visual platform for the brand, and uncovers diverse opportunities.

Once the strategy is articulated, it forms the basis for communications that are developed, long term.

Three examples:

Client: PaySmart (one of Australia’s largest direct debit companies).
Strategic positioning: We set the industry standards.
Creative concept: The Benchmark.

Client: Grand Hyatt Singapore.
Strategic positioning: Singapore’s preferred hotel location.
Creative concept: Be where you want to be.

Client: University of Southern Queensland / Dept of Education.
Strategic positioning: Industry, VET and Higher Education enable articulation pathways.
Creative concept: 3D focus makes it possible.