Conceptual thinking turns strategically based benefits into ideas that communicate.

If strategy planning tells you ‘what to say’, then conceptual thinking tells you ‘how to say it’ and becomes the foundation and basis of all creative work.

Three  examples of Kevin’s creative concepts :

Client: Breaking Hart Benton (Band)
Strategic positioning: Original music that reflects original traditions.
Creative concept: New time old time.

Client: InterSafe Group (Engineering based accident assessment)
Strategic positioning: Rigorous interpretation of evidence.
Creative concept: The closest you can get to actually being there.

Client: PaySmart (one of Australia’s largest direct debit companies).
Strategic positioning: Setting the standard for the Health & Fitness Industry.
Creative concept: You have to go the extra mile.

Kevin is experienced in knowing ‘what to say’ and ‘how to say it’. His long creative career makes the difference between guessing what might work and knowing what will.